At EXITus we believe many adults are dissatisfied and have become stagnant in their lives for many reasons.   This can lead to the absence of understanding your purpose. Since this is a dilemma that many of us wrestle with as adults, it is easily imaginable that the youth of today lack that same understanding. EXITus provides services to individuals 13 years of age and older.

Our mission is to draw out your dreams, desires and purpose through the eyes of your spirit and soul. We encourage each client to examine the past and present in order to set an action (movable) plan for future success.  

Our approach can include coaching in the areas of spirituality, academia, lifestyle transitioning, and financial.  As the client you are in control of your personal progression.  We act only as guides, coordinators and resource-gatherers to bring your plan to life.  

  • One to one coaching (in-person, telephone and email/on-line)
  • Group coaching 
  • Individualized POWER Plan
  • Monthly Progress Reports from Coach
  • Evaluation exercises
  • Other helpful resources

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